Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Family and Friends Reunion

This weekend was fantastic! My aunt Ann and my sister Amy came to visit. To help my aunt move to New Albany, Indiana from Austin, Texas. Wow! Because that is so cool that we get to see her more often instead of just twice a year.

We also invited Kevin and Brenda over and Patrick, Chris, and Elizabeth (Patrick's mom). And Tara. Tara and I worked on my Thomas and Friends art project. It will soon be finished. We also had a kind of tea party with lots of pastries. I especially liked the bear claws. For dinner that night, we made an apple pie for dessert. Amy and Chris made a special recipe from my grandmother, Franny, called Chicken Tetrazzini. Everybody liked it.

This week has been so great.

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  1. Those are some good pictures, Andreas. Nice job taking them! It was nice to meet your sister and aunt that day. We hope to see them again. :-)

    So what will you write about this week?