Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Halloween!

It was a great halloween.My costume was Barney Rubble from The Flinstones, one of my favorite t.v. shows.

That halloween had an almost full moon. You can see it in the above photo.

I went trick or treating in my neighborhood. Here I am trick or treating at my next door neighbor Jane's house. As you can see, the bag I used is a Nick Jr./Nickelodeon bag.

Every halloween, I also go to visit a special family, who works at the Montessori school I used to go to: the Fondrens! They are always glad to see me, and really liked my costume. This picture shows me with 2 of the family members: Barbara (left) and Kaitlin (right).

We also went to trick or treat at my aunt's house. My aunt is named Ann. She has just moved here from Texas. And she said that I was the only trick or treater to come to her house that night! Lucky me!

And she really commented on my great costume.